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mmm…. donuts.

When the Mini’s engine is ready, I want to drive it to…

THE DONUT HOLE in La Puente!!

No reason other than I want to see a donut so big I can drive through it.
Of course, to finish the engine, I have to start working on it soon. I’m in the process of finding an engine puller and an engine stand, so hopefully we can get going on it soon. I really want to be able to drive ourselves around this summer. And also teach Jenny how to drive a manual.

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BMWs on Miracle Mile!

On Sunday, we went to Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) to check out the BMW Art Cars world tour. I am a sucker for old race cars, especially BMW’s, so we have been planning on visiting the display as soon as we heard about it back in January. The sky was pretty bleak in the afternoon, so my pictures didn’t come out that great. But I got some pretty good ones of the Andy Warhol M1:

and the Frank Stella 3.0CSL:

The best part? The cars were right outside the museum, so it was free to look at them, and on Sunday, street parking was also free. So we didn’t have to pay for admission or for parking in front of the Museums in downtown LA. Miracle Mile indeed!

The only bummer was there were no E30 M3’s, but hey, it was free. So I can’t and won’t complain. See you next time!

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New Stickers!

I haven’t posted pictures of the new stickers yet! We listen to Oasis more than the Sex Pistols, and they’re just as English. Maybe even more so.

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Driving Lamps

The other day, I temporarily moved the Driving Lamps to the grille. Temporarily because we don’t have real brackets and we won’t be driving anywhere yet anyway. They seemed to be in a dangerous spot mounted all the way out front like they were. I also tried out some extra Hella 500 driving lights to see how they looked, but they were a little bit too modern looking for this little guy. While I was at it, I replaced the slightly rusty bumper hardware with some shiny stainless steel locknuts.

I used my super authentic Ensenada hoodie to keep them from getting scratched or rolling away.

Here’s how they look now: Maybe in the future, we’ll find another pair and have a full set of four to scare small rodents and New Minis out of our way while driving.

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You can’t tell from the damp driveway, but there was finally a break from the rain and even some sunshine! If you look closely, you might even see it in the upper left corner of the first photo.

It was a nice clear day, so I took the mini’s younger sibling out from under its blanket for a short drive to shake off the moisture of the past few weeks and more importantly pick up some Popeye’s chicken.

I think the color is a pretty close match for two very different cars! It’s nice to know I can just buy a few gallons of Henna Red BMW paint in bulk when the time comes.

And for you people with the dirty minds, I was talking about the age difference between the cars.

Jenny is not old enough to be a cougar… yet!

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Ben Sherman

Still rainy today, but I did get this Ben Sherman T-shirt over the weekend. It kind of goes with my Vespa T-shirt. And the Mod Target T-shirts. And the Union Jack Hoodie. Oh, and the Mini as well!

Pictured is one of my Valentine’s day gifts. It’s Winnie the Pooh’s friend Piglet, crocheted by Jenny herself!

Maybe when the weather improves, I will get back to posting about the actual car. I did look up the engine number and it verified that the engine is a 1275cc, so there’s been a little bit of progress. The car also looks like it’s probably an early MK3 chassis, so the research is coming right along and I’m learning more about these little cars a bit at a time.

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Rain in LA

It was a cold, wet weekend. We didn’t get a chance to do much with the Mini, but to make up for it we watched the Italian Job with Michael Caine while driving to the Grove for dinner. Jenny was amazed at what the cars could do, but we were both kind of bummed that they rolled them off the cliff at the end. Those were three perfectly good Mini Coopers!

Today was President’s day and everywhere I needed to go was closed, so I was doing some research to pass the time. I found out that Steve McQueen’s Mini Cooper had the same (or at least similar) headlight grilles! Sweet!

Our car:

Steve McQueen’s car:

This proves that I am as cool as Steve McQueen. It’s true.

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