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Our new baby.

Last Saturday, JonJen was driving to lunch and took a detour to avoid traffic in South Pasadena. We didn’t really make any improvement, but we did come across a really cute Mini Cooper for sale. We have been looking for them on eBay and other classifieds for the past few months, but everything was either really nice (REALLY EXPENSIVE!), not register-able in California (how sad) or both!

Of course, when we saw this little orange guy parked on the street complete with a license plate, the coolest foglights, and awesome 10″ wheels, we had to call. The owner said it was generally a pretty good car, but needed some engine work. The next day, we took it for a short test drive around the block. It ran a little noisy as I expected, but it got us around the block without any real drama. A little girl and her mom even pointed at the car and smiled when we drove by! After a week of friendly bargaining and research, we gave the owner a deposit.

So here we are with one foot in the door to owning our dream car!

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