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fresh squeezed!

I think I have always liked orange cars.

My dad had an Orange Mustang Mach 1 like this one when I was a baby:

I even have a picture of me standing in front of the General Lee at Knott’s Berry Farm when I was a young impressionable boy. Maybe if I got a perm, put “01” on the side of the Mini, and painted a southern cross on the roof I could be the new Luke Duke? Except for way better looking!! I even noticed the wheels are kind of similar to the Dunlops!

So now I have an orange M3, and an orange Mini.
I just need a GT3 RS and I’ll be all set with orange cars.

Then I will have to start on another color. Maybe purple?

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carbon footprint

Here is how the piston tops look, the cylinders are all full of carbon and the head gasket was all crusty. But it was all in one piece, and looks like we just need to clean it all up and get it ready for the new pistons. The more I take apart, the more I am amazed that this poor little car still ran. I think more than half of the bolts were loose. At least the head studs were tight.

I also cleaned out the parts washer and filled it with some “simple green”. I am soaking the clutch housings and some other parts in it for a couple of days to break up the grease.

Tomorrow if it is a little warmer outside, I’ll start to take apart the head and organize the parts.

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