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sushi wave

Sushi Wave in Belltown has the best sushi I have ever had. Everything melts in your mouth. The empty space in the middle was shrimp. Jenny said it was delicious. 😦


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Whut Whut?!?!

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Somewhere in there is Seattle Grace Hospital.

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We went shopping in Seattle today. I got a pair of tokidoki sneakers that are just too cool to wear.

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bug killer

The car was covered with bugs by the time we got to the border of Oregon. And you can see how the mirror is taped on because some @$&?# kicked it off in the middle of the night last week.

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wine tasting

We are getting drunk at V. Sattui

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vacation day zero

The car is packed with luggage. First stop Vallejo.

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go blue

Had a few minutes today to paint the engine block. It’s smurf-a-licious.

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Nearly finished with the BBS LM’s. The centers are painted Nogaro Silver now, and the lips are fully polished. Next I’ll buff out the paint and bolt them back together, then take off the tires to save them for another set. These would look great on an E30 M3, don’t you think?

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We have been quiet the past couple of weeks and busy with other really important life things, but we do have the crank and engine back home, and they look great. We’ve even picked out a bright shade of blue for the engine, and when we get the lifters back from the machine shop, we’ll start putting it back together. But probably not until beginning of June, since we will be on vacation.

To get ready for vacation, I took the Subaru to Gino and Danny at Apollo Performance in Upland to get the busted front axles replaced before the long drive.

While it was up on the lift, I noticed the tires didn’t look quite as fresh as they did a couple of years ago, so Gino Sr. set me up with four fat new Falken 912’s. I had to roll the rear fenders just a little bit to avoid rubbing, but they look and drive great.

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