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fresh paint

Here’s the parts with a fresh coat of paint:

They should look nice under the hood.

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It was too cold and moist outside to paint anything today, so I decided to strip a few things down to bare metal to get them ready for paint:

I also put aluminum heat reflective tape on the starter to keep it cool. And since I can’t tear it down to paint it, it’s the best way to get it to look good.

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I forgot to post this pic, it even has my name on it now.

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visible progress

Some pictures of Julius’ engine when I first took it out:

And how it looked today after installing the oil and water pumps, setting the crank and cam timing, and torqueing all the bottom end bolts. Jenny picked the smurf blue color. It’s kind of growing on me.

and here’s the top end before and after, now freshly painted and ready to go. Look how clean it is now!

when the head gasket comes in, it all starts to go together hopefully.

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The radiator shroud is finished in wrinkle black. It helps to hide the little dents and imperfections.

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I thought I’d start getting the engine compartment ready for the engine, so I installed some aluminum heat-reflective tape on the firewall. It should keep some of the exhaust heat out of the car. I am going to find some good sound insulation material to add to the upper area to keep the car a little quieter on the inside too.

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