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I was going to put the pistons in today, but Lizzie the chief mechanic wasn’t up for it.

And I had to exchange the bearings for the correct ones, they should be here tomorrow.


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three ring circus

I only had enough spare time to put on the rings today, maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to put the pistons in.

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meat is murder

really delicious murder!

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baby steps

Well, the crankshaft is in and spins smoothly on the new bearings, so re-assembly has officially begun. Look how smooth and shiny the surfaces are compared to how they used to be.

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dub minus three

I finished restoring my extra set of BBS LM’s:

Now someone buy them so I can finish the Mini.

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feeling blue

We are finally back from vacation, and we are tired. But here is a bright blue mini we saw on the way home that is keeping me motivated to get the car finished. I am going to go pick up the lifters tomorrow and hopefully start putting some of it together this weekend.

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