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Here is Jenny’s new hobby. It’s taken over crocheting for this summer.


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Here is a pic of the SU HS4 carburetor and the malpassi glass bowl fuel filter. I am also using clear ruby red fuel lines, so you can see the gasoline. It has a really cool hot rod look to it.

Soon, the area behind the engine will be covered in an aluminum backed sound deadener, so it will really be shiny in there.

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matchbox mini

Look what I got in the mail today. I scored this little guy on eBay for $1.25!

It’s nearly the same color, says 1970 on it, and even has the same exhaust.

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objects in mirror

Look how big a Mk.2 Jetta looks compared to Julius… haha.
A huge german luxury boat!

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OK, so Julius is up and running, fixed a few surprise leaks, and drove him around a little bit to start breaking in the engine.

Then it was time for his first bath! I made a deal with myself that I wouldn’t wash the car until I finished it. Now he can make it around the neighborhood and make a big noise under his own power! It’s just a matter of adjusting the clutch and fine tuning the timing, so I say that qualifies as finished. πŸ˜‰

Now he’ll be all clean when Jenny is ready for a ride.

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Julius is finished, but I didn’t feel like starting him today. 😦

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Put in the new glass bowl fuel filter, breather filter, and alternator.

Nearly everything is in now, just need that little hose fitting so I can drop the head on, install the carb and exhaust, hook everything up, and start fiddling with the fuel and timing to get it to run.

And a teaser of the rocker cover:

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I am tired!!!

Today the engine finally went back in with some help from my dad and my brothers. In return, I bought them McDonalds for lunch.

I am still waiting for a little fitting that goes under the cylinder head, so I can’t put it on yet. Until it comes in, I need to figure out a way to mount the radiator, because it’s a little bit different than the old one. I’m thinking a couple of simple brackets on each side with a little extra to direct the air from the “tropical fan”.

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Just to take a break from engine stuff…

I saw this Autopsy van with the weird picture on the rear glass, and I was thinking WTF?

But then I saw the chrome skull license plate frames and the Altezza tails. That’s when I knew it was legit.

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UK is OK

I installed the little RAF painted driveshaft couplers… They look pretty sweet.

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