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together again!

It’s coming together… piece by piece.

Starting to look like an engine again! I can’t wait to get it back in the car.

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baby’s seals

Replaced all the gaskets and seals on the gearbox today. Just ran out of daylight to strip the last bits of paint, so will get to it tomorrow morning.

I don’t have any pics from today, so here’s a random one that shows how little Julius is.

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I’m replacing all the transmission seals today so hopefully it won’t leak too much oil when I’m done. Found a trashed diff output bearing though, so I ordered those up and they should be here in a couple of days. Here’s the diff and the diff case all cleaned up.

Here’s a pic of the case after being cleaned. You can even see the aluminum again.

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purple haze

Another batch of parts is here: Diff output seals, hoses, head gaskets, and engine brace bushings. The purple matches the carpet in the trunk!

Hopefully the transmission will be back from the shop this afternoon or tomorrow morning so I can throw the lump back into the car this weekend.

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