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midnight pumpkin

Here’s a quick picture of Julius at night. Looks SO cool!

Ignore the big ceiling light on the roof. I forgot it was there.


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bust a cap

It’s not too exciting, but here’s a pic of the new radiator cap. The old one was too short to seal properly, and besides, it was OLD!

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1st gear!

After taking apart the shifter assembly again, I found that I assembled one of the pieces wrong. Now we have all four gears and much better shifting. It’s more of a proper “H” pattern than a lower case “k”.

Lizzie wasn’t as excited as I was.

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There was an old steering wheel out of a MK1 VW Scirocco in the garage and I noticed the rivets on the hub had the same oddball 7-bolt pattern as the mini. So I drilled out all of the rivets and bolted it right onto the old hub. It looks perfect and feels 100% better than that old busted, tiny go-kart steering wheel.

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Minis aren’t very quiet by nature, so I will be putting in some sound deadening on the floors and firewall to keep the ruckus down. Jenny shouldn’t have to suffer in her dream car. 😉

I got some of the stuff they use in high-end stereo installations and have been doing a little at a time.

Here’s the front floor area done:

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I put some spacers on to bring the wheels out flush with the fenders and to keep the tires from rubbing on the inside.

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matchbox is awesome!

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