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DTM Mirrors are painted and hanging in the garage to dry for a day or two before installing. I am still working on finding some convex glass to install though.  Not much to see out of on these badboys!


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S13 pics

Another one of our customers, Edwin sent in pics of his S13 Sileighty with Team Pogi wheels installed.  Looks perfect on that car!!

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new mirrors

I finally snagged a set of carbon fiber DTM Mirrors for the M3!  They have a small chip on one, but that’s fine with me cause I got them for a great deal and I’m gonna paint them Henna Red to match the car anyway.  I’m not really into the glossy carbon fiber look.

They had some of that rockblocker clear film on it so it looked like the clearcoat was rough, but then it peeled off and underneath was pretty smooth.  Also, the way the actual mirror fit into the housing was really sloppy, so I’ll get it right and fix the little boo boos before I paint them.  Other than that, I test fit the driver’s side and it was great!

Here’s a real DTM car for reference.

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I saw this hybrid bicycle outside the KFC/LJS today. It looked pretty cool.

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julius junior

Last week, the rain went away long enough for me to paint the mini cooper body that’s been sitting on my Tamiya chassis.  I tried to match the paint as close as I could, but unfortunately when I started spraying, the paint turned out to be metallic.  I guess you can’t really tell from the pictures, but it was kind of a bummer.  It turned out pretty close anyway, but hopefully next time I can find a better match for the paint.  I guess this body will just be a runner then. 🙂

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customer cars

Thanks to Todd, I now have photos of a customer’s car that I can post. This one comes from Canada, and looks great!  He did an awesome job of the decals.  I tried it once and didn’t have the skill or patience.

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