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eyes wide stfu

The only reason I watched eyes wide shut is because there was an E30 M3 in it.  hahaha.


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Spooky Mulder

I thought I’d get in touch with my inner sci-fi geek, so I’m starting to re-watch the X-files from the pilot episode. I forgot how entertaining it is, and how dorky Gillian Anderson looked back then.

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So after the move, I dug up a box of my old RC stuff, and found some old body shells that I thought I’d clean up to see how some Team Pogi wheels would look on them.  Here’s the first one, an Alfa Romeo 155 V6.  I had gold on there, but I might try some  black centered ones next.  I think they might go better.

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Happy New Year! I resolve to post more on this blog in 2011.

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