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Refurbing some 2 piece wheels… In 1/10th scale. 😉



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Ever seen a parking lot full of E30 M3’s? Me neither, until last Sunday! 47 total E30 M3’s plus lots of other choice BMW’s and good friends.


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now with the mirrors, it’s even more like the Tamiya version.

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I need you in my life.

I miss my old Mercedes, and I think if I find a nice 500E, I would get one.  It would be like old times, except newer and… way way fasterer!! And some LM’s on it would be great too.

500E on BBS LM's

my next car

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The rear tire just barely kisses the fender lip with 215’s.  I’ll get them rolled so I have the option of running 235’s.

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one resolution down…

So today I finished up installing the rear suspension before shipping out some more wheels.  😉

I think the ride height is exactly where I wanted it. Nice and even.  Because my driveway doesn’t really have any level spots, this is the best picture I could take for now.

But hey, it’s done, and now all I have to do is lose 25 lbs so I can start crossing those other things off my list.

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now that the wheels are sitting right, time to finally install the springs and shocks to lower the car.

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