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We’re gonna start off 2012 with an Alfa. This is an old body from a TL-01 car. I’m gonna peel off all these old stickers, paint the trim, re-livery it, and set it up with some fresh Team Pogi wheels.



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Refurbing some 2 piece wheels… In 1/10th scale. 😉


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Ever seen a parking lot full of E30 M3’s? Me neither, until last Sunday! 47 total E30 M3’s plus lots of other choice BMW’s and good friends.


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Now with 500E wheels and fender spacers in front.


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clean exhaust

While I was outside the other day, I thought I’d clean up the grungy exhaust tips on the E30. I haven’t really paid attention to them since I have a muffler waiting to go on, but with all the house stuff going on, car stuff is kind of on hold. So I just do little things here and there when I have a chance.

Before & after:

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junkyard BBS

Found these wheels at the junkyard last week.  Am going to refinish the centers and polish the lips for a spring project. And for practice before starting work on the RS212’s.

Everything looks better with BBS!

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The rear tire just barely kisses the fender lip with 215’s.  I’ll get them rolled so I have the option of running 235’s.

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This is what happens when I have a box full of stickers and nowhere else to put them.

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speed bump

As I mentioned before, I hit a snag on reinstalling the strut bar.

Since the new front shock adjuster shaft is taller than the old regular shock,  I had to grind a notch out of the strut bar to give it some clearance.

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