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Ever seen a parking lot full of E30 M3’s? Me neither, until last Sunday! 47 total E30 M3’s plus lots of other choice BMW’s and good friends.


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some new pics.  masked off the lights and windows:

found some plastic pieces that look about the right shape to be shock towers for the engine bay.

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clean exhaust

While I was outside the other day, I thought I’d clean up the grungy exhaust tips on the E30. I haven’t really paid attention to them since I have a muffler waiting to go on, but with all the house stuff going on, car stuff is kind of on hold. So I just do little things here and there when I have a chance.

Before & after:

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Last Sunday, we went to BMW Accessory fest in Glendale, CA.  There were a lot of cool cars there, and I even won the raffle for the BMW Sauber F1 polo shirt!

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now with the mirrors, it’s even more like the Tamiya version.

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under the hood

Finally replaced the old, grungy, and slightly leaky coolant expansion tank with a fresh one:

One day I’ll replace the windshield washer tank, but since it’s not that critical, it can wait a while.

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The rear tire just barely kisses the fender lip with 215’s.  I’ll get them rolled so I have the option of running 235’s.

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speed bump

As I mentioned before, I hit a snag on reinstalling the strut bar.

Since the new front shock adjuster shaft is taller than the old regular shock,  I had to grind a notch out of the strut bar to give it some clearance.

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one resolution down…

So today I finished up installing the rear suspension before shipping out some more wheels.  😉

I think the ride height is exactly where I wanted it. Nice and even.  Because my driveway doesn’t really have any level spots, this is the best picture I could take for now.

But hey, it’s done, and now all I have to do is lose 25 lbs so I can start crossing those other things off my list.

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spring is in the air!

Well, actually my car is in the air, and lowering springs are the cure. Not only does the car look terrible sitting at stock height, the stock springs are too soft for my taste.  My daily driver has Cusco coilovers, so my frame of reference is different.  This car just doesn’t feel as stable or controlled to me, and the rear shock mounts make a squeaky rubber noise because they are probably made out of decroded rubber dust and spider poo by now.

Since the rest of the suspension’s’ glory days were probably over 20 years ago, I also have some top-adjustable Konis, camber/caster plates, spherical rear top mounts, roll center spacers, and adjustable sway bar links to bring it up to snuff for 2010.

Even after wrestling with the spring compressor for a while and trying to figure out how to remove it after uncompressing the spring, I got the fronts in fairly quickly.  Unfortunately the 26mm roll center spacers were a little bit too thick and the tie rod just barely touched the wheel after a test fit.  😦 Hopefully I can trade someone for a set of 20mm soon. I’ll let it settle for a day before I install and adjust the front sway bar links.

Also, the strut bar mounting plate interferes with the new adjustable shock, so I’ll have to make a notch for clearance so I can keep some of the bling under the hood.

I started on the rear before it got too dark (at 5pm!), and took the old blown rear shocks out, so tomorrow I’ll throw in the rear shocks/mounts and springs.

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