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Last night, we went to akasaka for dinner to celebrate a possible new house, my new unlimited steam engineer license, and Jenny’s sister’s vacation. The albacore tataki is delicious, but the place does seem to attract an odd group of people. Like food paparazzi guy who kept taking flash photos of every dish with his gigantic DSLR. I would have taken pictures, but all I had was my phone.


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I saw this hybrid bicycle outside the KFC/LJS today. It looked pretty cool.

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This week is restaurant week in LA, which means you can eat some pretty good food without having to pawn your rare car parts.  It also means I finally had a chance to try Lawry’s prime rib in Beverly Hills. I have to say it was everything I expected, and a little off the wall too.  No complaints about the food, other than I wish it could have stayed warmer longer, but that was down to two things.  The large slice of prime rib, and the fact I was eating slowly to really enjoy each bite. I really liked the little bottles of Lawry’s seasoned salt and pepper that looked like they were pulled straight off the grocery store shelf. They seemed a little out of place in such an old school classy restaurant with about $2,000,000 worth of fancy cars in the front valet area alone.

A few other cool surprises were the strange WWII nurse style uniforms the waitresses were wearing, the fresh potato chip and meatball bar in the waiting area, and those crazy airstream looking stainless steel carts they wheel the prime rib around on.  Those were pretty cool.  I was hoping to get a look inside it, but my seat didn’t give me any view of the rib cutting action. 😦 But other than that, it was delicious! I’ll definitely be back again one day.

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school zone GP

Anyone in SoCal can tell you, it rained really hard today around 3:00.  There was a river going down the street, and even with the wipers on full tilt, it was hard to see anything while driving.

Here’s what I saw driving through the school zone to pick up my sister. Note the cool floating trash bin and random shopping cart.

There was a lot of extra traffic because  all the parents who usually let their brats walk were afraid they might melt in the rain and decided to come pick them up. Plus the kids who thought today would be the best day to run wild and jump in all the puddles at the crosswalks in front of all the cars.  So it was a gridlocked river.

It was all very Fuji 1976, except without the racing.

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After it’s second untimely death, my XBOX 360 is back and I got a chance to play some Forza 3. After another disassembly, some magic words, retightening of the heatsinks, some more magic words, and overheating the GPU with some creative fan removal voodoo, the “Red Ring Of Death” was defeated.

I think I should get some gamer points for that.

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Today, we took down the christmas lights. 😦

I understand we can’t leave them on all year, but it still leaves me with a lonely feeling looking at the house now. I miss the bright lights and christmas-y feel. Even during the day, just seeing all the strands hanging there made me feel like a little kid.

I’m already looking forward to the holidays in 2010.  I hope it’s better than 2009!

see you again in about 11 months!

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Went back to orochon ramen and got there just before the huge crowd did. I went down a level and got level 6, which is second mildest. I’m such a wimp, I know. Jenny got level 2!!! Which is basically a bowl of fire water.

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… that I had to get these Paul Smith sunglasses at Oliver Peoples.  My head is kind of wide, so not many frames fit me properly.  I’ve had great luck with Paul Smith though.  Maybe he has an abnormally large molded head shape he’s working with.

Besides, they’re polarized, and have a striped mini detail on the inner frame.  How awesome is that?

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Wow, we made it to 2010. It sounds like I’m living in the future. I’m glad to have made it this far, and this blog has only been around since about the beginning of 2009.

So in 2010 and beyond, there’s much more planned for Julius the Mini, as well as the M3, the WRX, and maybe even Jen’s 325.

Stay tuned, as this blog will change gears to encompass our cars, Team Pogi RC wheels, Restaurant hunting, house hunting, and the general everyday comedies and tragedies of life. Pretty much whatever amuses me from day to day, I’ll post.

Oh, and before I forget, Jenny and I have been together for two years today! It’s been a lot of fun, and time has gone by so fast since our first date in 2007. So here’s to a great 2010 and beyond.

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