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This is what happens when I have a box full of stickers and nowhere else to put them.

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… that I had to get these Paul Smith sunglasses at Oliver Peoples.  My head is kind of wide, so not many frames fit me properly.  I’ve had great luck with Paul Smith though.  Maybe he has an abnormally large molded head shape he’s working with.

Besides, they’re polarized, and have a striped mini detail on the inner frame.  How awesome is that?

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Baby comes home!!

Today, the weather cleared up and I had some time after my Real Estate exam to schedule a cab ride home for our new baby. A nice fellow named Charlie came to pick him up and I drove it up onto the truck. It even had seatbelts to keep him from flying off.

After an hour of watching the California sunset from the 110 freeway, we made it home. The little guy started right up and roared into the driveway to rest for the night.

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