Wagon Wheels

Now with 500E wheels and fender spacers in front.


Oktoberfest 2011

Were going to Oktoberfest! Team Pogi teamed up with Oktoberfest this year to spruce up their people’s choice trophies with some fresh wheels. So come out and check out the show. Maybe you’ll win one!


Long overdue…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here! Been working on little projects here and there, but still cranking out the wheels to our customers! Big thanks to them for keeping us busy!


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made some progress on the body…

masked bandit

some new pics.  masked off the lights and windows:

found some plastic pieces that look about the right shape to be shock towers for the engine bay.

RC E30 M3 project

To help show off the wheels, I’m going to build up a Tamiya E30 M3 RC car with as much detail as I can figure out how to do.  Here’s the first step, fitting some wheels.  Trying to decide what color it should be.  I’m thinking either dark red or dark silver grey would look good with the black centers.

eyes wide stfu

The only reason I watched eyes wide shut is because there was an E30 M3 in it.  hahaha.