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made some progress on the body…

masked bandit

some new pics.  masked off the lights and windows:

found some plastic pieces that look about the right shape to be shock towers for the engine bay.


RC E30 M3 project

To help show off the wheels, I’m going to build up a Tamiya E30 M3 RC car with as much detail as I can figure out how to do.  Here’s the first step, fitting some wheels.  Trying to decide what color it should be.  I’m thinking either dark red or dark silver grey would look good with the black centers.

eyes wide stfu

The only reason I watched eyes wide shut is because there was an E30 M3 in it.  hahaha.

Spooky Mulder

I thought I’d get in touch with my inner sci-fi geek, so I’m starting to re-watch the X-files from the pilot episode. I forgot how entertaining it is, and how dorky Gillian Anderson looked back then.

what’s old is new again

So after the move, I dug up a box of my old RC stuff, and found some old body shells that I thought I’d clean up to see how some Team Pogi wheels would look on them.  Here’s the first one, an Alfa Romeo 155 V6.  I had gold on there, but I might try some  black centered ones next.  I think they might go better.


Happy New Year! I resolve to post more on this blog in 2011.

clean exhaust

While I was outside the other day, I thought I’d clean up the grungy exhaust tips on the E30. I haven’t really paid attention to them since I have a muffler waiting to go on, but with all the house stuff going on, car stuff is kind of on hold. So I just do little things here and there when I have a chance.

Before & after:

I think I can.

It really has nothing to do with cars, but here’s a hint as to what’s in store for this coming weekend.  Maybe I can sneak away for a while to check out Bimmerfest at the Rose Bowl.

New project! My little sister’s first car. It’s a 1989 325i cabrio. It doesn’t run at the moment, but we’ll keep track of the project here and also on R3V.  I’ll add a link to the thread.