Prince of Light!

Today, we go back to the original topic of this blog, which was restoring Julius the orange Mini Cooper. I installed the Lucas foglamps, and just need to get some switches and relays to get them wired up. I know they call Lucas the Prince of Darkness because of the sketchy British wiring, but as Tim Gunn says, we can “Make it Work!”

random colors

I made a few sets in random colors just for fun.

new paint teaser

I’m kind of tired of Henna Red.  So I saw this color on the wall at Maaco and thought I’d change it up a little bit.  Besides, I can always get it repainted again.

Another big (for us) shipment to the UK, they look great lined up this way.

Last Sunday, we went to BMW Accessory fest in Glendale, CA.  There were a lot of cool cars there, and I even won the raffle for the BMW Sauber F1 polo shirt!

mini M3

now with the mirrors, it’s even more like the Tamiya version.

under the hood

Finally replaced the old, grungy, and slightly leaky coolant expansion tank with a fresh one:

One day I’ll replace the windshield washer tank, but since it’s not that critical, it can wait a while.

Went to pioneer chicken yesterday. Couldn’t believe how much of a time capsule this place is. It’s the fried chicken time forgot.

Finally installed the mirrors and washed the dust off the car.


Last night, we went to akasaka for dinner to celebrate a possible new house, my new unlimited steam engineer license, and Jenny’s sister’s vacation. The albacore tataki is delicious, but the place does seem to attract an odd group of people. Like food paparazzi guy who kept taking flash photos of every dish with his gigantic DSLR. I would have taken pictures, but all I had was my phone.