Spooky Mulder

I thought I’d get in touch with my inner sci-fi geek, so I’m starting to re-watch the X-files from the pilot episode. I forgot how entertaining it is, and how dorky Gillian Anderson looked back then.

what’s old is new again

So after the move, I dug up a box of my old RC stuff, and found some old body shells that I thought I’d clean up to see how some Team Pogi wheels would look on them.  Here’s the first one, an Alfa Romeo 155 V6.  I had gold on there, but I might try some  black centered ones next.  I think they might go better.


Happy New Year! I resolve to post more on this blog in 2011.

clean exhaust

While I was outside the other day, I thought I’d clean up the grungy exhaust tips on the E30. I haven’t really paid attention to them since I have a muffler waiting to go on, but with all the house stuff going on, car stuff is kind of on hold. So I just do little things here and there when I have a chance.

Before & after:

I think I can.

It really has nothing to do with cars, but here’s a hint as to what’s in store for this coming weekend.  Maybe I can sneak away for a while to check out Bimmerfest at the Rose Bowl.

New project! My little sister’s first car. It’s a 1989 325i cabrio. It doesn’t run at the moment, but we’ll keep track of the project here and also on R3V.  I’ll add a link to the thread.

Prince of Light!

Today, we go back to the original topic of this blog, which was restoring Julius the orange Mini Cooper. I installed the Lucas foglamps, and just need to get some switches and relays to get them wired up. I know they call Lucas the Prince of Darkness because of the sketchy British wiring, but as Tim Gunn says, we can “Make it Work!”