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So… the WRX is off to a new home, and I have a new daily/project. I’m already about a month behind on logging the progress, but I’ll try to start here from the beginning.

Even before the WRX was sold, I’ve been wanting a wagon, specifically something German. So I started doing research on the usual suspects. I initially wanted an older A6, but decided it was too common, and E39’s were a little too pricey for this purpose. So it was either an B5 A4 or an E34, but after a while, I kept going back to the old 124 wagons. So I started looking for one, and eventually found one in Long Beach. It was a 95 E320 and only had 122K miles, which isn’t too bad. It was a dark metallic blue, which was nice, but it had the usual minor dings and the front bumper had lost a fight with a parking block at some point.

But it was pretty solid, it drove well, was the right price, and came with some extra maintenance goodies like filters and spark plugs.


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